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About HENI


An equitable society where the highest standard of health and wellbeing for all is a collective responsibility


To enable transformative research and mobilise knowledge(s) for action on health equity in India through a diverse and inclusive network of individuals and organisations


  • Rooted in social conscience
  • Committed to social justice
  • Ethical in its process and perspectives
  • Transformative research and action as its goal
  • Inclusive and respectful of diversity
  • Secular in its membership and approach to all issues worked on
  • Transparency, in sharing information openly with all its members and the communities that it seeks to work with
  • Democracy, in its processes at every level
  • Accountability, to its members and the communities with whom it works

To know in detail about HENI, read its mission document

Steering Group

Arima Mishra

Devaki Nambiar

Jennifer Liang

Nakkeeran N

Prashanth NS


Rakhal Gaitonde

Renu Khanna

Rajani Ved

Tanya Seshadri


TK Sundari Ravindran


Vandana Prasad


Housed with the Health Equity Cluster, IPH Bengaluru, comprised of:

Diljith Kannan

Devaki Nambiar


Nityasri SN

Prashanth NS

Tanya Seshadri