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Social Accountability for Health Inequities by Renu Khanna

Social Accountability for Health Inequities by Renu Khanna

Summary of the talk: In this webinar, the speaker will introduce the concept of social accountability as understood and promoted by the Community of Practitioners on Accountability and Social Action in Health (COPASAH). Illustrations based on COPASAH members’ work will follow. Webinar participants will be invited to share their experiences, understanding and learnings from their social accountability efforts. The upcoming Global Symposium on Citizenship, Governance and Accountability in Health (October 2019) will be discussed in terms of objectives, expected outcomes and themes.

About the speaker: Renu Khanna, a women’s health and rights activist, has a Masters in Business Administration from Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi University, India. She is a co-founder of SAHAJ-Society for Health Alternatives, a reputed organisation based in Vadodara (Gujarat). Renu has worked in the area of health inequity for over three decades – first in tribal areas of Gujarat, the urban poor in Vadodara city and subsequently on health issues of sexual minorities, people living with disabilities, and adolescents. Renu has over four decades of experience as a trainer, action researcher, evaluator and policy analyst in India.

She is on the governing boards and steering committees of several national and international organisations and networks, including the Steering Committee of COPASAH. She is a Joint National Convenor of Jan Swasthya Abhiyan and a founder member of CommonHealth Coalition of Maternal Neonatal Health and Safe Abortion.

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Gender Inequities in Publicly Funded Health Insurance Schemes by Rajalakshmi RamPrakash

Gender Inequities in Publicly Funded Health Insurance Schemes by Rajalakshmi RamPrakash

Rajalakshmi RamPrakash is a researcher and a social activist on gender and health-based out of Chennai. She has a Masters in Social Work and a Doctorate in Social Sciences from Tata Institute of Social Sciences. She has been involved in several research studies on themes intersecting gender with sexual and reproductive health, law, ethics, health insurance and health systems. She is a member of Jan Swasthya Abhiyan, Gender & Evaluation Community and is currently with Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA), Chennai.

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