Field Grants for students

We have supported student research in the form of field grants to students pursuing Master of Public Health (MPH) at AMCHSS. Six students have received fled grants so far:

1. Sajitha S (2016) - Menopause related symptoms and their correlates : A community based cross sectional study in Kollam district.

2. Dr. Dhanashri Bagal (2016) - Tuberculosis Mortality and Risk factors for death in newly diagnoised TB patients with tuberculosis registered under RNTCP in Bilaspur district, Chhattisgarh.

3. Dr.Vikram K Sahane (2015)- Health care seeking behavior for stroke in rural Gadchiroli, Maharashtra: an exploratory study using qualitative methods

4. Sumitha T S (2015) - Individual and social-environmental level protective factors for institutionalized adolescents' mental health: a study among adolescents in childrens' homes under the Integrated Child Protection Scheme, Kerala.

5. Bevin Vinay Kumar (2014) - Access to health care among under five children in the Banjara community, Karnataka

6. Tijo George (2014) - Prevalence of potentially malignant oral disorders: a comparative study among interstate migrant labourers and general population in Kochi corporation