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I am depressed!!!

Many of us would have used this “I am depressed” phrase often in our life when we feel upset over something. We say “I am depressed”, so haphazardly to friends, colleagues, and others but will we ever dare say this so openly if we are actually suffering from depression. Will we ever have the courage to open up the topic and say it out to the world, “ I am experiencing depression right now” or “ I am suffering from depression”. 

“Why can’t you be child-free?”

“I hope this time it happens”, she said.

“Why can’t you be child-free?” I asked my friend who was in a not so happy marriage.

“… but, I need one for the society”, she replied. I was taken aback hearing her reply and seeing my baffled face she continued. “When you get married, you will also tell me the same thing.”