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An Elephantine Matter

“Hearing a cracking sound of a tree branch I looked aside, there was a big elephant about twenty meters away from me, breaking a twig from a tree and eating it. Holding my breath I stood there for a while, I didn’t know whether to go back, it was getting darker. If I went back, there was no way that I could get home before dark, but the elephant was standing close to the road that I had to pass by. Fortunately some of the neighbours who were grazing their cows in the field saw me standing alone and they came and shooed away the elephant”

The Promised Land

Open Defecation in India: A Reflection on Cultural, Political and Gender Dimensions

“Open defecation?” frowning at the screen I said to myself “Is it a topic for public discussion?” I didn’t know where to put myself. I found the facts and figures and the pictures that appeared on the screen mind-boggling.