Open Defecation in India: A Reflection on Cultural, Political and Gender Dimensions

“Open defecation?” frowning at the screen I said to myself “Is it a topic for public discussion?” I didn’t know where to put myself. I found the facts and figures and the pictures that appeared on the screen mind-boggling.

Health in india

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                  This is a link of a video on you tube where we have some idea about health system in India. sound is little unclear but can be understood well if we take the help of head phones.

Health and education in india

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Under-five deaths in India

India topping the list with the highest under-five mortality rate: recent news

Courses at AMCHSS

Triplets born to a tribal woman die of medical negligence

In another glaring instance of health inequity meted out to the tribal population of Kerala, a mother from Wayanad loses her three newborns due to medical negligence.


Tuberculosis - The Burden of Conditionality

With nearly 2.2 million people living with tuberculosis, India has the highest burden (25%) of TB in the world.1 Increasing number of patients are being reported to have a ‘Totally Drug Resistant’ (TDR) form of tuberculosis, which is resistant to all first and second line drugs available through the National TB Control Program.2, 3 Such cases necessitate the introduction of newer drugs for treating tuberculosis.