Sunny J, Adult Undernutrition in India: Is There a Huge Gender Gap? 2011, Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. 46, No. 29, pp. 95-102.

Using NFHS 3 data, this study analyse the gender exists in adult undernutrition in India and points out that there is huge gender gap in iron deficiency anaemia coexists with an absence of a gender gap in Chronic Energy Deficiency.

Gillespie S, Bold MD, the Stories of Change Study Team, Stories of Change in nutrition: An overview, 2017, Global Food Security Volume 13, Pages 1-11.

By systematically analysing six successful nutritional interventions in high burden context, this paper provides seven prerequisites for successful implementation of nutritional interventions such as: building commitment, strengthening cross-sectoral (horizontal) coherence, Improving (national to community) vertical coherence, scale and reach, generating data and evidence, strengthening capacity, cultivating and supporting leadership, and financing.