Further readings

Rajalakshmi TK, Stigma in seeking help remains, 2016, FRONTLINE.

This interview with Dr Nimesh Desai highlight the need to evolve public health model for the treatment of mental illness by involving  people affected byy poverty, homelessness and violence, and disaster.

Trivedi D, Promise of dignity, 2016, FRONTLINE.

In the light of the Mental Health Bill this article discuss the promising changes that happen to the care of the mentally ill person in the country and also discuss the foreseeable budgetary and infrastructure short coming in the implementation

Rajalakshmi TK, Towards sane society, 2016, FRONTLINE.

Through the testimony of the 54-year-old mother diagnosed with anxiety, this article examine whether the Mental Health Bill can make positive changes to the mental health care infrastructure in the country

Ministry of Law and Justice, The Mental Health Care Act, 2017, The Guzette of India.

Here is the recently published Mental Healthcare Act as notified in the Official Gazette after being passed in both the houses of Parliament which seeks to change the way mental illness is treated in line with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.