Further readings

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Citing from  “The World Migration Report 2013: Migrant well-being and Development” published by International Organization for Migration (IOM) this news article highlights the global migration pattern and the factors associated with the wellbeing of the migrants.

Gupta A, Destination Bihar, http://www.downtoearth.org.in/coverage/46655, 15 October 2014

This news article high light the changes in the migration trends from Bihar to other states and explain the multiple factors associated with it.

Bera s, Migrants denied basic human rights, says study on Kolkata, http://www.downtoearth.org.in/coverage, 43995, 11 April 2014

Citing from the collaborative project by UNICEF and Institute of Social Sciences (ISS) in Kolkata this news article highlights the denial of human and suggests policy recommendation to this situation