Thapa K, Kumar R, Social Exclusion and Mental Health A Preamble, 2015, Psychology and Developing Societies 27(2) 143–154.

Using social exclusion framework this paper explains the social determinants of mental health that causes inequalities in mental health.

Trani J-F, Bakhshi P, Kuhlberg J, et al. Mental illness, poverty and stigma in India: a case–control study. BMJ Open 2015;5: e006355.

This paper explains intertwined nature of Public stigma and multidimensional poverty linked to Sever Mental Illness. The paper shows that it is particular for low caste and women; it is a strong predictor of poverty. Exclusion from employment linked to negative attitudes and lack of income are the highest contributors to multidimensional poverty, increasing the burden for the family.  

World Health Organization and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. Social determinants of mental health. Geneva, World Health Organization, 2014.

This document review the social determinants of common mental disorders; and action on social determinants that can prevent mental health disorders and/or improve population mental health.

Wang J, Lloyd-Evans B, Giacco D, et al. Social isolation in mental health: a conceptual and methodological review. 2017, Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology;52(12):1451-1461.

This narrative review provides a model that incorporates all the concepts related with mental health and social isolation which helps the researchers and practitioners to develop appropriate intervention in mental health setting.